© Rebecca Kiger and I thank her forever for it.

© Rebecca Kiger and I thank her forever for it.


Hello! I’m Katherine. I grew up in Indiana where my dad taught me to chop wood and where everyone still looks each other in the eye and says "Good morning."

I live San Francisco and sometimes on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I spend much time ingesting artichokes, chasing palindromes, running in the Marin Headlands and reading to my daughter (she can read to me now, which is even better). Before I met my husband, I didn't know that lobsters aren't red before you cook them. And I didn't understand what a hill could be until I lived in San Francisco.

When I was little I would bump into things all the time because I was always looking up. I still do. 

I believe that a photo can be a tiny story of a moment in time, that quirks in character are to be celebrated, and that drool and scabs belong in the narrative. I am an introvert, it's true, and I think the relationship you develop with your photographer is the key to making images that feel like you.